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Seacell Top

Seacell Top

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Seacell is a cellulose-based fibre that is mixed with seaweed, creating a lightweight and breathable textile.

Seacell is soft and glossy, and is a popular vegan substitute for silk.

Seacell is stronger than cotton or bamboo, and is stronger wet than dry.

Although it says white, it is more of a natural tan.

Each bag contains 100g of fibre

It is an all-natural and biodegradable fibre created from Ascophyllum Nodossum, common name Knotted Wrack. This variety of seaweed grows in the Icelandic fjords and northern Atlantic. It is harvested by trimming only the tops of the plant on a four-year rotation, which encourages new growth.

The cellulose for Seacell is produced in a closed-loop system. This means that the chemicals and solvents used in the production process are recycled and reused, not released into the environment.

Photo by Ryan Hodnett, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons


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