FAQs about Shipping Charges

I want to pick up my order at one of your locations, but the checkout page says Items Unavailable for Pickup. It insists I have to have the items shipped -- and the shipping charge is very high! What's going on?

What is most likely happening is that part of your order is available for pickup at our Downtown location, and part of your order is available for pickup at our Weston Rd. location. The two stores do carry some common items, but there are many items we stock at one location only.

Unfortunately, our shop management programming cannot complete an order with items from two locations as an in-store pickup. The only thing it can do in that situation is to see it as a single order that requires shipping from two separate locations, which is why the shipping cost is so high -- it's asking you to pay for two shipments!

We know this is inconvenient, and we are looking into ways of fixing it, but our pooled staff skillbase still skews more towards the reading of cable charts than the writing of code.

What we recommend in the meantime is to read each product page carefully as you shop; below the "Add to Cart" buttons, you should see some text that tells you whether this item is available for pickup at the location that is geographically closest to you. If that's not the location at which you want to pick up your items, click on the link below that says, "Check availability at other stores." It should bring up a bar at the side of the page that tells you where the item is stocked.

But I still want those items from the other location. What do I do?

Over the past few months, we've been trying different methods to ameliorate the situation, and none have been perfect, but the best way to handle this, as far as we can tell, is for you to make two separate orders -- one order for the items that are available at your preferred pick-up location, and one order for the items at the other location. For the latter order: in the Add A Comment box on the Cart page, please write us a note that you would like to pick up this order at the other, preferred location. You can then complete the order, selecting the In-Store Pickup location that is offered to you on the purchasing page. We will see your note prominently displayed when we go to fulfill your order, and will make sure it gets to the right place!

When your order is transferred to the preferred location, to reduce confusion, we will manually send you an email from our general email address, info(AT)romniwools.com, to inform you the order is ready for you to pick up, and confirm that it really is at your preferred pickup location.