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Hemp Top

Hemp Top

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100% Hemp top roving in natural tan. Each bag contains 100g of Hemp Roving.

Hemp fibres are long and durable, anti-microbial, and mildew resistant. The micron count for hemp roving can range from 18 to 23 with a staple length of 5 to 55 cm.

Hemp grown for fibre is farmed differently from that grown for it seeds, leaves, or flowers. Hemp plants are planted densely so they will grow tall and slender with minimal branching. the plants are harvested after flowering but before seeds develop. The leafy parts are removed. The stems of the hemp plant are retted to weaken the pecting binding the fibres to the woody core. These fibres are then further cleaned and combed to prepare them as roving.

Spinning hemp fibre while wet will result in a softer yarn.

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