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Blue Faced Leicester Wool Top

Blue Faced Leicester Wool Top

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About the Fibre

Staple length 80-150cm. Micron count 24-28.


Blue Faced Leicester wool is usualy described as lustrous and silky, with a well-defined crimp, which allows it to be spun into finer yarn and gives it higher insulating properties. The Blue Face Leicester has become a very popular British breed over the last century, and is highly sought after by knitters as well as spinners.

Each bag contains 100g of fibre.

Origin: United Kingdom

About the Breed

Blue Face Leicester is a longwool breed of sheep developed by Robert Bakewell, in Dishley, Leicestershire in the eighteenth century through careful breeding.

They are tall, with cool grey faces, long rabbit-like ears, and a characteristic "Roman" nose.

They are a predominantly white breed, but do carry a recessive black gene that can produce black or grey fleeces in some instances.


Blue Faced Leicester sheep at Llanfair Show by Penny Mayes, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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