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HCSC Ashford Small Cotton Carders (108 PPSI)

HCSC Ashford Small Cotton Carders (108 PPSI)

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For superior preparation of fibres for handspinning by untangling, blending, mixing, aerating, and removing foreign matter.

Designed specifically for cotton and extra fine luxury fibres, Ashford's new hand carders are lightweight and easy to use.


  • Suitable for Cotton, Cashmere, Angora and other super fine fibres
  • Lightweight timber handles and bats - only 495gm (17.5oz)
  • Large carding area - bat size 265 x 90mm (10½ x 3½")
  • Very fine 190 PPSI wire teeth with flexible rubber back for long life
  • Ergonomic turned round handles for comfortable grip and use
  • Tapered curved bats
  • Natural timber finish that can be enhanced with Ashford Finishing Wax
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