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Scoured Corriedale Fleece Wool Uncarded

Scoured Corriedale Fleece Wool Uncarded

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About the fibre

Staple length: 80-120mm. Micron count 25-30

Fine to Medium

Uncarded Corriedale wool. For felting, or for special spinning projects with texture. Natural white; each bag contains 100g of wool.

Combing and carding are essential parts of preparing a fleece for spinning into a uniformly aligned yarn, but these locks have a purpose, too! Excellent for making dolls' hair, curly fur for felted critters, or for adding a natural texture to any felting project. Spinning from these is possible, but not recommended for beginners.

Please note that, since these locks have not been through the same amount of processing most wool goes through, you will definitely find bits of vegetable matter in the wool. These are easily picked out. "Scoured" means that the fleece has been trimmed (skirted) of the dirtiest bits, and the wool has been washed in extremely hot water to remove the vast majority of the sticky lanolin (the natural skin oil produced by sheep) from the raw wool.

A part of Romni’s special wool fibres collection for hand spinners and fibre artists. For more information about Corriedale sheep, see the description in the Corriedale Wool Top listing.

Origin: United Kingdom

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