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Rowan New Nordic by Arne & Carlos

Rowan New Nordic by Arne & Carlos

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A collection of 12 designs by Arne & Carlos using Rowan Felted Tweed & Rowan Kidsilk Haze. Patterns in English and German.

A collection of 12 designs by ARNE & CARLOS inspired by Nordic and Scandinavian influences using Felted Tweed and Kidsilk Haze. ARNE and CARLOS take traditional Norwegian design aspects and use them in a modern way. Using colourwork in an easy and accessible way this collections offers garments that are modern, with a touch classic.

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  • Gry pullover with stranded colourwork yoke (intermediate)
  • Olava pullover with intarsia colourwork (intermediate)
  • Dagny striped cowl with scallop pattern (intermediate)
  • Tuva pullover with graphic stranded colourwork pattern (intermediate)
  • Freya cardigan with stranded colourwork (intermediate)
  • Ingrid long cardigan with stranded colourwork (intermediate)
  • Eivor mittens with stranded colourwork (intermediate)
  • Embla pullover with stripes and scallop pattern (intermediate)
  • Norrun cowl with stranded colourwork (intermediate)
  • Svanhild braided headband (intermediate)
  • Solveig hat with stranded colourwork (intermediate)
  • Ragna shrug in stranded colourwork (intermediate)
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