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56’s English Breeds Top

56’s English Breeds Top

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About the fiibre

Staple length varies, but is generally medium length. Average micron count 33.

Medium to medium-coarse

56's refers to the fineness category of the wool, under the English Spinning Count system; 56 is just about the medium of medium wools in the progression.

Natural white.

Each bag contains 100g of fibre.

Source: United Kingdom

About the breed

This is a blend of wools from various sheep breeds, all from sheep raised and sheared in the UK. Having wool of mixed origins makes it is a good value for the fineness of the wool.

It a great choice for spinners looking for larger amounts of wool to play with, as well as for felters, especially those needing a light neutral "core" wool for sculptures.

Creative Commons.

Chris Gunns / Sheep grazing, Maughold

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