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Knitting Nature: 39 designs inspired by patterns in nature

Knitting Nature: 39 designs inspired by patterns in nature

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Written by Norah Gaughan, one of the most innovative and respected knitwear designers working today, Knitting Nature was an instant classic when it was released in hardcover in 2006, and it is now available at a must-have paperback price.

In Knitting Nature, Gaughan blends together the natural and artistic world with 39 stunning, fun-to-knit designs for women, men, and children. Among them are a skirt patterned after the hexagonal scales nature has used to cover a domed turtle’s shell, a jacket whose collar grows in a spiral—much the same way a ram’s horn does—and a tank top with leaves that grow the same way they do on a stem.

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  • Asymmetrical Cardigan
  • Basalt Tank
  • Hex Coat
  • Honeycomb Henley
  • Snapping Turtle Skirt
  • Hex Afghan


  • Sand Dollar Pullover
  • Swirled Pentagon Pullover
  • Bubble Pullover
  • Starfish Shawl
  • Pentagon Aran Pullover & Cardigan
  • Mosaic Shrug


  • Nautilus Poncho
  • Spiral Scarf
  • Cowl Pullover
  • Cabled Spiral Pullover
  • Shell Tank
  • Ram's Horn Jacket


  • Diamond Tunic
  • Phyllo Yoked Pullover
  • Roundabout Leaf Tank
  • Phyllotaxis Scarf
  • Sunflower Tam


  • Branching Aran Guernsey
  • Ogee Tunic
  • Frost Jacket
  • Serpentine Coat
  • Coastline Camisole and Skirt
  • Triangle Scarf


  • Vortex Street Pullover
  • Reflection Aran Pullover
  • Turbulence U-neck Aran Pullover
  • Target Wave Mittens
  • Moire Skirt
  • Droplet Hat


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