Knitters Pride Nova Platina Single Point Needle Set

Knitters Pride Nova Platina Single Point Needle Set

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The set of 9 pairs of the most popular sized single pointed needles feature the same advantages as all Nova Platina metal needles. Engineered from hollow brass pipes and plated with chrome, its shiny smooth surface is a knitter's delight.

Nova Platina needles feature sharp, tapered tips – ideal for all knitting projects including lace!

The exceptionally smooth and shiny surface enables stitches to move quickly and with no resistance. The light weight ensures comfort in the hand and hours of satisfying knitting.

Nova Platina needle sets are organized in an elegant and portable fabric case

Set includes 9 needle sizes:

  • 3.5mm (US 4)
  • 3.75mm (US 5)
  • 4.0mm (US 6)
  • 4.5mm (US 7)
  • 5.0mm (US 8)
  • 5.5mm (US 9)
  • 6.0mm (US 10)
  • 6.5mm (US 10.5)
  • 8.0mm (US 11)