Hand Spinning: Essential Technical and Creative Skills

Hand Spinning: Essential Technical and Creative Skills

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by Pam Austin

Create your own beautiful yarn and discover the peace of spinning

Hand spinning is a meaningful and timeless craft that can bring immense joy and satisfaction to a busy life.

  • Gives clear and precise instruction for the long draw, worsted, and core-spinning techniques
  • Outlines how to choose and prepare fleece, flax, silk, and camelid fibre for hand spinning
  • Includes proven definitive colour skills that will personalize and enhance hand-spun work
  • Describes dyeing animal and vegetable fibre and yarn, without special materials or equipment, using natural and synthetic dyes
  • Encourages use of classic yarn structures as boucle, gimp, coils, and crepe as design features
  • Individual hand-spun work illustrates the concept of art yarn and the design proess
  • Suggests projects for yarn that has meaning, artistry, and purpose.

Hardcover. 144 pgs