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Ashford Felting Needles (sold individually)

Ashford Felting Needles (sold individually)

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We finally have them online! For creating sculptural pieces, flat pieces, accessory and garment embellishment, or even for mending your cherished sweaters.

Felting needles are very sharp, barbed implements that push and tangle together unspun wool (and sometimes other fibres) together to form a solid shape, or into a base fabric substrate to enmesh the fibres together, for artistic, decorative, or structural effects.

These needles are sold individually. Please treat them with care and respect, as they are extremely sharp!

Important: For almost all felting purposes, do not select the reverse barb. The 36 gauge Reverse Barb is a specialty needle for pulling fibres OUT from already felted pieces, for a "fuzzy" effect.

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