Collection: Opal Regenwald

The Regenwald (Rainforest) series from Opal raises funds for rainforest rescue!

Save the rainforest means:

  • Direct support to grassroots groups in rainforest countries working for forest conservation, indigenous rights, social progress and sustainable development
  • Help with funds for the purchase of rainforest areas, financial support to take legal action
  • Lobbying and information work in Germany about German involvement in the destruction of the rainforest, identifying the causes and naming the perpetrators
  • Direct influence in Germany on development policy and the business of banks and corporations
  • Information work for consumers in Germany who can contribute to the protection of the rainforest with conscious purchasing behavior, protest actions and private commitment (

Thanks to customer support, Zweger Garn has been able to transfer a total of €284,000 to Rainforest Rescue since 2005, so that the rainforest can be protected for future generations.