Project of the Month: June 2021 - Market Bags

Project of the Month: June 2021 - Market Bags

With more and more Canadians getting their COVID vaccines, there's starting to be a light at the end of the lockdown tunnel.

And with that, hopefully there's going to be a return to Farmers' Markets!

Market bags make a great summer take-along project. They're lightweight and so practical. And knitted and crocheted produce bags mean less plastic bags ending up in landfill - or worse - the oceans.

Romni Wools has a great selection of crochet thread to choose from.

Ravelry has a wide range of free and paid patterns available, and we've rounded up a few of our favourites.

Crochet bags

Retro Produce String Bag: Employee An Li makes these for all her friends. Using the format of a granny square to create mesh, these are perfect to make bulk while watching tv or hanging out on the patio. Scaling to many sizes in a soft cotton like the Circulo Cléa (Size 10 crochet cotton), the fine gauge means the stitches are small but mighty and can handle a lot more produce weight than meets the eye. The sample pictured used 22g, which means you can get 4 bags from one ball of Clea.

Knit bags

Weighless Produce Bag 2.0 Employee Rachael Wells made one of these using Circulo Anne (Size 5 crochet cotton) and it used 20g of thread. This means you can get 4-5 bags from one ball of Anne cotton!

Knitted Produce Bag Employee Rachael Wells made two of these using Patrizia Crochet Cotton (size 8 crochet cotton, but you could also use a size 10 thread for this bag). One was made using a single strand of thread, and weighed 24 grams. One was made with the thread held double (you could also use a size 5 thread for the larger bag) and weighed 70 grams. This means you could get a large and a small bag from a single ball of Patrizia cotton. You could also use Clea, or Rico Essentials Crochet

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