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Punch Needles by Made By Me

Punch Needles by Made By Me

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Punch needling is an art that uses a special tool, a needle with a handle and a large eye, for embroidering threads and yarns on loosely-woven fabrics in a fluid, painterly manner, for quicker results than traditional embroidery.

The thread or yarn is typically raised in loops, or you can reverse the direction of your stabbing to make "stitches" that lie flat. Combine both kinds in one piece for textural contrast!

These needles come in two varieties. The size one sees most in tutorials and how-to videos is the 5.00mm size, which is ideal for aran weight and thicker yarns. The other variety is a multi-needle pack, which comes with a handle and three removeable needle heads in sizes 1.30mm, 1.60mm, and 2.20mm sizes, for embroidery threads and thin yarns. Each one comes with basic instructions on punch needling, and a threader.

Punch needling has exploded in popularity in recent years, and examples and tutorials are found easily on YouTube and Instagram.

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