Moon and Turtle: knitting patterns with variations

Moon and Turtle: knitting patterns with variations

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by Kiyomi and Sachiko Burgin

Romni alumni Sachiko and Kiyomi Burgin are twin handknit desighers from Toronto / Tkaronto.

As Yonsei, fourth generation Japanese Canadians, they often found themselves in the care of their Nisei grandmother who, among other things, taught them how to knit.

In their first printed collaborative collection, Sachiko and Kiyomi have created nine handknitting pattern designs, each with variable options and the intention that they can be worn by as many people as possible.

Preview the book on Kiyomi and Sachiko's website

Paperback. 98pg.

Pattern difficulty levels:

  • Kinsan: Easy
  • Ginsan: Intermediate
  • Pokapoka: Intermadiate
  • Trionyx: Intermadiate
  • Zener: Intermediate
  • Cesium Redux: Intermediate
  • Kordy: Intermediate
  • Lewsky: Intermediate
  • ESP: Intermediate