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Jean Greenhowe's Jiffyknits

Jean Greenhowe's Jiffyknits

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The exciting new craft for garter stitch strips

From the Jean Greenhowe website:

It is well-known that everyone learns to knit by making straight garter stitch strips. Yet the suggestions for using garter stitch pieces have always been the same - blanket squares, teddy scarves, headbands, purses. Where is the creativity, the fun which will spur beginners on to greater knitting achievements? So, I set myself a challenge to dream up some really inventive ideas for garter stitch pieces and Jiffyknits is the result - a treasure trove of wonderful things to make for anyone who has just learned to knit.

But the designs in Jiffyknits reach far beyond beginners’ projects. Those of you who can already knit will love them to bits because knitting straight garter stitch pieces can be fitted into any odd moment. There are no row-by-row instructions to follow, no shapings, no concentration, no hassle - you can knit them by the dozen using only tiny oddments of yarn.

Made with double knitting yarn.

View the patterns on the Jean Greenhowe website.

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