Limited Opening

We're allowed to have customers in the store, but it's not business not as usual just yet.

Masks required

Masks as approved by the Ontario health officer, cloth or disposable masks that cover the nose, mouth, and chin must be worn at all times while indoors in public shared spaces.

Face shields, bandanas, and scarves cannot be used except in addition to a legally accepted mask.

If you have a medical condition that prevents your wearing a mask, please keep yourself, our other customers, and our staff safe by using our online shopping platform, and home parcel delivery service.

30 Minute Shopping Limit

Please plan your trip in advance. We can only let you in for 30 minutes at a time. At the end of your 30 minutes, if you need more time to decide, please complete your purchase from home using our online shopping platform.

Contact tracing required

You will need to sign in with your name, contact information, and time of arrival, and sign out when your purchase is complete. You will be notified if a customer or staff member who was in the store at the same time as you tests positive for Covid-19.

3 Customer Capacity

We can only allow in three  customers at a time to allow for appropriate social distancing in our aisles and at our counter.

Sanitize upon arrival and before checking out

Hand santizer provided at door for your safety and ours.

One shopper per household

We know you love your friends and family, but please come alone for your 30-minute visit.

Follow the directional arrows

The arrows are there to help keep a safe distance between yourself and other shoppers. Please respect them.

Touch only what you plan to buy

We know it's hard, because yarn is super tempting. But please don't touch any product unless you intend to buy it.

Returns and Exchanges

We're accepting yarn in its original condition for store credit. Needles are final sale unless there is a manufacturer defect, in which case we will exhange for the exact same product.

Returned items will be quarantined until it is safe to return them to regular stock.

For addiitional information, refer to the City of Toronto lockdown guide

Knitting and Crochet help

We are not yet able to provide face-to-face support with knitting and crochet problems and pattern interpretation. We can point you to helpful videos about the issue you're having if you email infoATromniwoolsDOTcom. 

Photo by pixpoetry on Unsplash


  • Hello, I am in Toronto on Sat for only one day and after a visit to the ROM and Textile Museum, I am hoping to come to the downtown store at 3-ish. Are you still limiting occupancy to only 3 at a time and 30 mins? Thanks

    Lynne Cowe Falls
  • Are you still limited to 3 in the store? I’m thinking of shopping in person as part of the hop

    Judith Logan Junop
  • Hours are 11-6 downtown and 12-6 at Weston as per posted store hours. Appointments are not needed, but you do need to sign in when you arrive for contact tracing purposes.

  • Hi, what are your limited opening hours? Do I need to book a time in advance? Please let me know. Best, Melanie

    Melanie Wolicki

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